7 SMS Mobile Marketing Tips

mobile marketing tips

Here are our hand picked top 7 SMS Mobile Marketing Tips

1. Create a competitive promotion

Make sure you provide your audience with something that they want. Make them feel special by offering a discount or voucher. Try tailoring your campaign to the seasons. An immediate benefit will mean that more people take you up on your offer. So, to sum up, give people what they want with your promotional SMS.

2. Start with your offer Get to the point and keep it simple.

Avoid squeezing too much information into your 160 character message. Simply tell your audience about your promotion. If they need more information lead them to a landing page on your website. Don’t be tempted to give too much information.

3. Use a call to action

Tell your reader what to do! Direct them to your website with a link. Remember if your customers have a smartphone, then they have more computing power in their pockets than all of NASA had during the moon landing! Mobiles are very clever- use this to your advantage.

4. Set a deadline

Put a deadline to your offer. This will encourage people to take action and get them engaged with your promotion. This will also help you to see results as quickly as possible and inspire your subscribers to do something!

5. Mention your brand name

Grab people’s attention by telling them who you are and what you do. Identifying yourself will also prevent people thinking that you are sending them spam.

6. Comply with all legal requirements

Remember to include an opt-out option for subscribers. This is vitally important. You are legally obliged to tell your readers how they can opt out of future campaigns. Consider fully explaining this for the first campaign and later provide a short version.

7. Measure results and react

So you’ve sent your campaign…now what? Monitor your success with third-party tracking software. See how many people have engaged with your message and tailor what they receive in future.

Simply follow these simple tips to make your SMS campaign successful as part of a balanced communications strategy.