About John Colon Jr

John Colon Jr - Business Coach - Sales & Marketing Expert John Colon Jr., has been an innovative force in the financial management industries for the past 18 years. His debt settlement company Better Budget Financial Services was founded in 1999 with a small investment and became a $22 million per year industry juggernaut by 2004.

Colon’s consulting firm, Leadsoft Consulting, became a leader in the accounts receivable manage and debt settlement industry. John was instrumental in directing some of the largest and fastest growing businesses in these industries.  The following company profiles illustrate his incredible industry knowledge and expertise (company names left out for confidentiality reasons):

Financial Start-up Company: John Colon Jr directed the company from a starting point of three employees and $200,000 in capital to 75 employees and $9 million in revenue after 18 months. At the end of 12 months, the company was ranked as one of the top five fulfillment centers in the country in the area of financial management and collections.

Automotive finance & products company:  John worked closely with the entire executive staff of this $28 million a year company for 6 months and implemented changes that reduced payroll by more than 25% and marketing by nearly 30% while increasing its projected annual revenue to $45 million.  At the same time, he directed operational changes that increased customer retention from 68% to 80%.

Consumer financial products company: As the acting COO, Mr. Colon designed all training materials and redirected customer flow. His changes resulted in an overall improvement in the company’s image. These changes along with an improved internal industry compliance monitoring system resulted in the company realizing an above normal range of client retention for the first time.  Employee retention went from a staggering 75% to 95%.

Offline/Online Marketing and media Strategy: Developing an effective marketing strategy, or market planning,  is crucial before investing in any specific marketing activity as this is the map that will guide you to ensure any resulting marketing activity generates a healthy return on investment. As the CEO of Prime Media located in Boston, MA and Salem, NH we offer a number of options which includes current analysis of marketing and how this process work’s with Prime Media Corp. Our media consultants can assist it a custom tailored win-win solution for you or your company. This is a major advantage for you the client and myself as the chief consultant. Having our Boston, Mass and Salem, New Hampshire teams at my fingertips will ensure you do not get ripped-off by other marketing companies that sell bogus leads.

When you work with a professional marketing consultant such as myself of PMC, our clear and logical approach means that you won’t fall into the trap of jumping into marketing campaigns before clearly defining what you want to achieve. From generating innovative marketing ideas to choosing the best marketing tactics for your business, our marketing strategies provide an energetic and inspiring forum to kick start your business. You can be assured that either John Colon Jr or a SR. Marketing consultant will only make recommendations that are suitable for your business.

Currently and moving into 2016: Mr. Colon will continue his innovative thought process and visionary like mind that John has developed as entrepreneur for 20 years. “You learn something new on a daily basis, but most importantly you have to hire slow, fire fast and size people without knowing too much about them”. With technology moving at light speed it has a direct impact on almost every industry.